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College Building : The college has a three storied building. It contains Principal office, Administrative office, Class rooms, Laboratories, Teacher's room, Ladies room. Library room, Examination room etc.

Our library is enriched with sufficient books suitable for the courses. We subscribe three magazines and have good stock of books for under graduates and for post graduates students. There is independent reference section. A spacious reading room has been provided. Suitable library hours and lenient but disciplinary rules are framed to conduct the working efficiently. Rules & Regulations are framed and applicable as per North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.


1. Computer Department:

Computer Lab is very well equipped containing network, up to date Wi-Fi, and broadband connections. Number of printer including ink jet, laser and dot matrices are installed. There are two separate labs. One for U.G. and other for P.G. with all necessary facilities as per University requirements with latest type of computer configuration.

Number of Computers in U.G. + P.G. Lab: 15
Total Computers in College : 15
Number of Printers : 10

This department houses two labs with 50 machines . In labs students are able to work on Window XP Operating System as well as Red Hat Linux Operating System and other Software's like Visual Studio.Net , C/C++ etc . The students learn to work with layers of multiuser system and top Security levels of multiuser operating system .
All the labs are supported by proper ventilation & light fixtures. All machines are having latest configuration. There are 3 PG labs for M.Sc. Computers Science .
All the Labs are in LAN. Internet facility is available to students.

2. Physics and Chemistry Departments:
These labs are very well equipped as per requirements.
3. Electronics Department:
The department is equipped with the latest equipment’s fulfilling the requirement for the course with latest high frequency CROS, analog and digital equipment’s. Practical kits are built by students enabling them to understand the subject better.
4. Zoology Department:
Department continue emphasize excellence in teaching in order to enhance the quality of undergraduates students and their success at achieving career goals and leading intellectually rewarding lives.
5. Botany Department:
The department educates the students in order to provide them with new knowledge and skills in different disciplines of Plant Sciences.
6. Chemistry Department:
The objective of the department is not only to enrich students academically, but also in their all-round development.
7. Biochemistry Department:
The department educates the students in order to provide them with new knowledge skills in Plant tissue culture, animal cell culture, pharmaceuticals and genetic engineering