Quality education for the empowerment of society

Our Faculty members & team:

Our College has well experienced and key resource to best implementation and nurturing educational skills. Our team plays full attention to overall growth of students and cultivate best of educational skills.

1. Principal
  Prof Shri. A. S. Wani M.Sc Mathematics
2. Vice- Principal
  Shri. A. G. Shrivas M.Sc., M.Phil. Electronics
3. Lecturers
  Department of Computer Science
  1. Mrs. Jyoti. C. Patil M.Sc. Computer
  2. Shri. J. G. Waykole M.Sc. Computer
  3. Ms. Sonal C. Mene M.Sc. Computer
  4. Ms. Dipika D. Patil M.Sc. Computer
  5. Ms. Chetna R. Patil    
  6. Ms. Monali L. Chaudhari M.Sc. Computer
  7. Ms. Pallavi S. Chaudhari M.Sc. Computer
  Department of Mathematics
  1. Prof Shri. A. S. Wani M.Sc Mathematics
  2. Mrs. Meenal. N. Patil M.Sc. Mathematics
  Department of Electronics
  1. Shri. A. G. Shrivas M.Sc., M.Phil. Electronics
  Department of Chemistry
  1. Shri. C. H. Sarode M. Sc. Chemistry
  Department of Physics
  1. Mrs. Swati G. Akotkar M. Sc. Physics
4. Library Department
  1. Mrs. Pratibha. K. Bavaskar Librarian M.A.B.Lib
5. Administrative Staff
  1. Shri. Anil A. Pardhe Clerk H.S.C., D.Ed.
  2. Mrs. Tejashri G. Shirsath Clerk H.S.C., Dip. in Comp.
6. Technical Staff
  1. Shri J. R. Patil Lab Assistant F. Y. J. C.
  2. Shri. P. J. Patil Lab Assistant I. T. I.
7. Support Staff
  1. Shri. S.M. Lokhande Peon --